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European summer of Lutsk students


 Cooperation between Lippe district (Germany) and Lutsk started long ago thanks to the Head of the union "Bridges of friendship to Ukraine" Karl-Hermann Krog, who in 1998 organized the first internship of Volyn students in Germany. In September 2015 it was signed the Partnership Agreement between Lippe district and our city. This year in August, both partners have begun implementation of an important point of the Agreement - establishing contacts in the sphere of youth policy.   

While some students are just planning their summer holidays, others have already made every effort to spend them in the most active and informative way. On 5-13 August in Detmold (Lippe district) youth exchange "The European Dream - Vision and Reality" will take place and involve 48 participants from all over the Europe - Savonlinna (Finland), Saint-Omer (France), Hasselt (Belgium), Oraiokastro (Greece), Verona (Italy) and Lippe partner-cities Kaunas (Lithuania), Chodzież (Poland) and Lutsk (Ukraine).

The youth exchange participants are young people aged 16-20 who will be interacting during workshops, discussions, debates, games and conversations during 9 days in Detmold. Young people will stay in a youth hostel and communicate in English about the values and achievements of the European Union. Attention will be focused on youth interests, in addition, participants will have the opportunity to present their country and culture. Young Europeans will be able to get information about education and the labor market at the University of Bielefeld and the employment center of Detmold.

Lutsk will be represented by the following participants: students of the specialized school №1 Olexandra Kolykhan and Maxym Navrotskyi, student of the school №18 Alina Savaryn, student of the specialized school №5 Vladyslav Zubach, who won in the open competition regarding participation in the youth exchange which was organized by Lutsk Сity Council. Besides, the team from Lutsk is preparing a cultural evening where Ukraine and Lutsk will be presented. Also Lutsk students will be engaged in organization of the seminar - "The external view on the European Union" in order  to present views of the Ukrainians on the processes and events that are taking place in the EU and how they affect Ukraine.

Moreover, within the framework of the future youth exchange "The European Dream - Vision and Reality", on 10-12 June in Detmold a preparatory meeting was held. The event gathered the leaders of international groups and one participant from each country. Lutsk was represented by the chief specialist of International Cooperation and Project Activities Department of Lutsk Сity Council Iryna Kulesha and the future exchange participant Vladyslav Zubach. The main purpose of the event was the preliminary acquaintance of  the leaders and project participants, discussion of the organizational issues and distribution of responsibilities among countries.

 Undoubtedly, this exchange will lay the foundation for the development of youth cooperation between Lutsk and Lippe district, show participants the wide range of opportunities for the further development, and give a chance to communicate with their peers from all over Europe. Youth Exchange "The European Dream - Vision and Reality" aims to encourage young people to think broadly and show that our future depends on us  and Europe only creates opportunities to realize everything  planned.

Detmold (Lippe district) is the main organizer of the youth exchange. The event will be financed by EU program Erasmus+ (Youth in Action). Accommodation, meals, transport and visa expenses are covered by the program.