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Delegation from Lutsk got acquainted with the youth policy of the Lippe District (the Federal Republic of Germany)

Delegation from Lutsk got acquainted with the youth policy of  the Lippe District (the Federal Republic of Germany)

During April 23-27, an official delegation from Lutsk visited the partner Lippe District of the Federal Republic of Germany. The purpose of the visit was to get aqcuainted with the the institutions and public organizations of the District in the field of youth policy.


The delegation was comprised of 28 people, including representatives of Lutsk City Council (International Cooperation and Project Activities Department, Family, Youth and Sports Department, Department of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth), the Palace of Youth, the Center for National and Patriotic Education, Charity Fund "Pereobrazhennia", public organizations which actively work with youth ("We plus", "Youth platform", "Christian association of youth and family - YMCA", "Plast - National scout organization of Ukraine" (Stanytsa Lutsk) , "Volyn Youth", "IMAGO", "Foundation for Regional Initiatives", "Corporation of Happiness", all-Ukrainian Youth Movement "National Alliance", "Armawork") and representatives of students' self-governments in Lutsk, in particular NGO "Student Council of Volyn", student councils and unions of Lesya Ukrainka Easten European National University and Lutsk National Technical University.


The visit was organized and funded by the Administration of the partner Lippe District, in response to a visit of 30-person delegation from Germany to Lutsk in November 2017.


During the stay for Lutsk delegation an interesting programme was organized, in particular: visit to Department for Children and Youth of the Lippe District, to the youth centers in Schieder-Schvalenberg town, the Youth Wing of Red Cross, the Church and the Youth Center “Stayln” in Detmold.


Also, delegation visited the Educational Center at Detmold "SOS - Children's Town", which deals with vulnerable categories including orphans and children deprived of parental care. The head of the organization's training center, Andrea Gabeh, showed a training facilities where young people, who need a special social support, can get vocational education. They also went to the youth center in a small town Lemgo, which had been reconstructed on grant funds. This centre organizes leisure activities for both the youth and the elderly.


During the formal visit to the Administration of Lippe District our delegation met with the Deputy Landrat, managing the affairs of the Administration and coordinating the international partnerships and youth policy, Carl Aitel Yon, with representatives of the Administration and deputies of the Parliament and presented the achievements of Lutsk in the youth policy.


The delegation from Lutsk had an opportunity to get aquiented with the educational process in Germany, visiting the school in Horn town.

The final meeting of the visit took place in the assembly hall of the Parliament of the Lippe District.


In addition to working visits, the organizers prepared for the Lutsk delegation a very interesting sightseeing program: visit to the local ethnographic museum in Detmold, Detmold Castle, where still the prince's family live. Also delegation had the opportunity to climb the monument of Hermann, a soldier who is the pride of Lippe because he defended the German lands from the Roman legions. On the way back the delegation visited Berlin and got acquainted with the rich architectural and historical heritage of the capital of Germany.

That visit was very fruitful and played an extremely important role in deepening the partnership between Lutsk and Lippe during which the details of the implementation of existing projects, as well as developing new ideas for extension of bilateral cooperation in different spheres were discussed. It helped to establish contacts between young people, representatives of executive bodies, public organizations which are involved in social work for the youth in Lutsk and in Lippe.