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Another international project of the city of Lutsk has been implemented successfully

Another international project of the city of Lutsk has been implemented successfully

In February 2023, the implementation of another international technical assistance project «Promotion and protection of the natural heritage of urban rivers and bank areas of Rzeszów and Lutsk» was completed. Close cooperation of Lutsk with foreign partner cities has traditionally brought positive results.

Despite the challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, the Republic of Poland and the city of Rzeszów managed to successfully implement all the planned activities.

The main highlight of the project was the renovated «green» area in Lutsk. As part of the project, the information pier on the Styr River in Lesya Ukrainka Central Park of Culture and Recreation was repaired and equipped. Six gabion benches, lanterns, trash cans, and a mini-amphitheater for educational and recreational activities were installed on the pier.

The natural heritage sites of Lutsk were also marked: the Styr, Zhyduvka, Omelyanyk, and Sapalaivka rivers. As part of the project, a series of awareness-raising sessions on natural heritage resources and environmental stewardship were held for preschoolers.

In October 2022, a cross-border environmental picnic was held, where scientists, experts, and public activists shared best practices, experiences, and plans for spatial planning, preservation, and promotion of the city's natural heritage, including rivers and coastal zones. The picnic also included kayaking and sport fishing competitions, quests for schoolchildren, and walking tours around the city.

In the same month, during a study visit to Rzeszów, representatives of the executive bodies of the city council, NGOs, experts in the fields of ecology, natural heritage preservation, spatial planning, and tourism from Lutsk had the opportunity to learn from the experience of colleagues from Rzeszów, as well as see the results of the Polish partner's project, namely 2 flower meadows: in Rzeszów Park of Culture and Recreation and near the Fox Mountain Nature Reserve.

The total project budget is EUR 61,700.00, where the grant for Lutsk is about EUR 25,000.00, co-financing from the community budget is 10%. The project was implemented with the financial support of the European Union within the framework of the ENI Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020.


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