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Representatives of Lutsk City Council have visited the partner city of Bialystok

Representatives of Lutsk City Council have visited the partner city of Bialystok

At the invitation of Mayor Tadeusz Truskolaski, representatives of Lutsk City Council have visited the partner city of Bialystok in Poland.

The delegation from Lutsk City Council included Natalia Galchenko, Head of the State Voter Register Maintenance Department, Tetiana Yanchuk, Deputy Director of the Social Policy Department and Tetiana Zarubayko, Head of Project Activity Department of International Cooperation and Project Activity Department. Representatives of six sister cities of Bialystok from Lithuania (Kaunas), Latvia (Jelgava), Moldova (Balti), Turkey (Bornova), Georgia (Gori) and Malta (Sliema) have also taken part in the official events on the occasion of the Bialystok Days.

The meeting in a close circle of old partners and new friends has provided an opportunity to share their achievements and discuss opportunities for further cooperation.

Due to the intense 3-day programme of events, the participants were able to get to know the city, see the modern “Science Epi-Centre”, the city stadium and the pride of Bialystok - the so-called Versailles of Podlasie, Jan Branicki Palace.

On Sunday 25 June 2023, the official opening of the interactive photo exhibition "Together" took place. 23 photographs were exhibited, they depicted Ukrainian families from Bucha, Mariupol, Chernihiv, Enerhodar and other cities of Ukraine, reflecting life stories of the people who know the reality of war. By scanning the QR code in the photo, one can hear the story of each character and enter the world of their experience.

This project is a demonstration of the special care and concern of our Polish friends. It also draws attention to the events in Ukraine and shows how important support, help and sometimes even a simple smile are.

Many Ukrainians, who fled russian aggression and found refuge in the city of Bialystok, gathered on the square. Some of them are the characters of this project that reveals their difficult fate. But all of them are united by incredible strength of spirit, thirst for life, faith in our victory and a new home found in Bialystok.

At the end of the event, the President of the City of Bialystok Tadeusz Truskolaski handed out bread as a symbol of home.

The project was implemented by the City of Bialystok in cooperation with the UN Children's Fund UNICEF. The author of the exhibition is Michał Heller.


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