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Lutsk city territorial community has presented digital solutions at the international conference "Smart Living - best practices"

Lutsk city territorial community has presented digital solutions at the international conference "Smart Living - best practices"

During 6-10 September a delegation of Lutsk City Council comprised of the Head of Investment Policy Division of Economic Policy Department Serhii Omelchuk, Deputy Head of Information and Communication Technologies Department, Head of Information Technologies Division Natalia Khmel, Senior Inspector of Project Activities Division of International Cooperation and Project Activities Department Serhii Uzhehov participated in an international conference "Smart Living - best practices", which took place in Rzeszów (Republic of Poland).


The conference was attended by representatives of sister cities of Rzeszów from EU countries: Klagenfurt (Austria), Split (Croatia), Satu Mare (Romania), as well as from three Ukrainian cities: Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Truskavets. The visit started with a meeting of the guests with the Mayor of Rzeszów Konrad Fijołek in the premises of the city administration.

The participants of the conference got acquainted with the innovative solutions in Rzeszów, namely the function of urban electric transport. They visited a modern energy-saving bus station equipped with solar panels, as well as a transport service center, where the transport system is monitored. The centre also carries out a visual control over traffic safety, assesses the general condition of transport highways, and coordinates actions with emergency services etc.  

At the conference, Serhii Omelchuk presented digital solutions of Lutsk City Territorial Community, namely: electronic document management system, electronic fare payment system, smart transport infrastructure, geographic information system, green space accounting and air quality control systems, open data, e-democracy platform, tools for communication with residents in the form of chatbots, contact center web portal, etc. It is worth noting that the representatives of foreign partner cities of Rzeszów praised the digital achievements of our community, and acknowledged that Lutsk is ahead in many e-solutions.

The following digital solutions were presented by Polish cities: Rzeszów - Urban Lab project - a space for dialogue between the city authorities and all social groups; Wrocław - SmartFlow - a tool for intelligent management of the water network, which collects data from sensors located throughout the city; Poznań - mobile application for residents of "Smart Poznan"; Lublin - ecological transport. Digital solutions demonstrated by Rzeszow's foreign sister cities: Split (Croatia) - smart transport; Klagenfurt (Austria) - a smart city strategy with an emphasis on environmental friendliness; Ivano-Frankivsk - creation of human-centric city infrastructure and arrangement of highways.

The conference underscored the importance of digital solutions for urban transformation and improvement of the quality of life quality in cities. All presented at the conference have a common goal - to make living space friendly to its residents, taking into account the ease of use of urban infrastructure, preservation of the ecosystem, free and convenient access to information.