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One Million Hryvnias were Additionally Allocated from the Reserve Fund of the Lutsk UTC Budget for Disinfection and Sanitation of the City

The relevant decision was made today at an out of turn meeting of the Executive Committee. It is proposed to allocate funds from the reserve fund of the budget of the Housing and Communal Services Department for emergency measures to prevent natural emergencies in the amount of 1,000,000 UAH for disinfection and sanitation.
The members of the Executive Committee also considered and supported the project of decision “On redistribution of budget expenditures of the Lutsk territorial community”, according to which the current expenditures to prevent the spread of coronavirus were increased in the amount of 1,041,300 UAH.
In addition, it was increased the costs for reimbursement of prescriptions for free receipt of insulin medications by insulin-dependent patients in the amount of 800,000 UAH.