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The Lutsk City Council has started a project cooperation with Trakai District (the Republic of Lithuania)

The Lutsk City Council has started a project cooperation with Trakai District (the Republic of Lithuania)

The partnership of the Lutsk City Council with the Trakai District Municipality of the Republic of Lithuania came to a new stage of development - the project cooperation, which started with the implementation of the pilot project “Cultural Heritage Guarantee of Freedom for Human and State - Experience of Lithuania and Ukraine”, co-funded under the Development Сooperation and Democracy Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.


From May, 7 - 9, a delegation from Lutsk, consisting of representatives of the Lutsk City Council, local folklore explorers, scientists and museum specialists, participated in a study visit to the Trakai District in the framework of the aforementioned project. On the first day of the visit the participants were greeted by Deputy Mayor of the Trakai District Municipality Marija Puč who wished all the fruitful work.

Lithuanian colleagues shared their positive experiences in the field of tourism development in Trakai. They revealed the secrets how to "lure" more tourists to Lutsk. Then, our delegation got acquainted with the cultural heritage of the ancient Trakai and the development of tourist "must-see" attractions in this city.


The second day of the study visit the delegation from Lutsk spent on the territory of Užutrakis Manor Estate, part of the Trakai Historical National Park. Lithuanian architects shared their experience in the field of revitalization of objects of historical and cultural heritage. Director of the Trakai Historical National Park Gintaras Abarawicius, who guided our delegation round a manor, former summer residence of Count Józef Tyszkiewicz , shared his vision of the expositional filling of the restored historical and cultural heritage, shared his own experience and world trends in this area.


The third day of the study visit turned out to be the most productive in terms of drawing up future cooperation and discussing issues in the field of tourism and preservation of the heritage. In the morning, the delegation from Lutsk was warmly welcomed by Deputy Mayor Marija Puč and the director of the Municipal Administration Darius Kvedaravicius in the Trakai District Municipality.

Members of the Lutsk delegation were able to get acquainted with the work of the Trakai District Municipality, many questions were raised about the role of the district administration in preserving the monuments of historical and cultural heritage.

On the last day of their stay, the participants of the study visit received a unique opportunity to see the process of restoration and revitalization of the Trakai Castle, members of the delegation visited the place of the former pagan temple, learned about the secrets of archaeological affairs. And at the end of an extremely active training visit, the delegation visited the capital of the Lithuanian Republic - Vilnius.

During the visit the representatives of the Lutsk delegation received a lot of useful information, established contacts with their Lithuanian counterparts, acquired new experience. The directions of future cooperation drawn up during the study visit will definitely be implemented in new joint projects of Lutsk City Council and Trakai District Municipality.