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Europe Day celebrations in Lutsk started with the international intellectual game "EuroBrainGame-2019"

Europe Day celebrations in Lutsk started with the international intellectual game "EuroBrainGame-2019"

Since 2003 Ukraine has celebrated the Europe Day on the third Saturday of May. Every year Lutsk joins to this event and becomes a platform for acquaintance with the countries of the European Union, their culture, history and customs. It is a holiday of peace and unity.

This year the celebration of the Europe Day in our city began from an intellectual game „EuroBrainGame - 2019” among Lutsk students and students from the twin cities of the Republic of Poland (Rzeszow, Zamość, Lublin, Olsztyn, Bartoszyce) and the Republic of Belarus (Brest). 38 participants, where 12 students were from abroad, performed tests and creative tasks in English about the European Union and its member countries. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the European Union and its relations with Ukraine, to get acquainted with the traditions of European countries, to discuss the current issues and to get truly unforgettable impressions.


The holiday continued in the Lesya Ukrainka Central Park of Culture and Recreation, where hundreds of residents of our city came to celebrate Europe Day. On the main stage the participants and winners of the international intellectual game "EuroBrainGame-2019" were awarded. This year the winner became the team named "UPL", which name, according to the players, is the acronym of the participating countries - Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. All participants of the game received diplomas and gifts.


After that the entertaining activities started. Students from the city schools performed a bright concert program, which showed the culture and traditions of European countries. For small visitors the animators prepared different games and contests, where all the participants could receive gifts.