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Lutsk Main Festivals

Lutsk is a cradle of cultural diversity. In 2017, 2194 events were held by cultural institutions, a large part of them being held with the participation of artists and groups from Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary, Georgia, Iran and many other countries.

The most important festivals that have become traditional and happen every year are: "With Merry Christmas", "Christmas chants", "Easter bells", "Easter in Lutsk", "Embroidered unity of arms", "Volyn blagovist", "Palette of cultures" (intercultural festival); international festivals "Christmas in Lutsk", "Wandering hanger", "ArtJAZZ Cooperation", "Stravinsky and Ukraine"; artistic projects "Christmas workshop", "Easter workshop", "Literary discoveries", "Luchesk Velykyi", "Kobzar Viche", events "For Ukraine, for its freedom!", as well as events on the occasion of the Day of Music, the Day of Artist and other. The real visit card of Lutsk is an art project "Night in Lutsk castle", international festivals "Polissia summer with folklore" and "Berehynia".

Art-festival "Night in Lutsk Castle"


Art-festival "Night in Lutsk Castle" takes place annually from 2007 on the territory of the historical-cultural reserve "Old Lutsk" on the last Sunday of June.

An integral part of the festival is improvised knight fights and medieval entertainments, theatrical performances, master classes of folk potter masters, wicker-work, straw-making, floristry and blacksmithing, tasting and cooking of national dishes.

Contemporary musical art during the "Night in Lutsk Castle" presents popular youth groups and performers. Among the most well-known groups visiting the art show in Lutsk were "Haydamaky", "Okean Elzy", "Vopli Vidoplyasova", "Zdob si zdub".

International festival "Polissia Summer with Folklore"


International festival "Polissia Summer with Folklore" was founded in 1994. It takes place once every two years in August. The participants of the festival are original groups from different countries and continents, representing the bright, authentic folklore of their nations.

Festival events take place on concert venues of 6 districts of the city, on the avenues of the Park of Culture and Rest named by Lesia Ukrainka, in the regional drama theater and just on the streets of the city.

In the festival days, Lutsk residents and guests of the city also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of folk artists, to participate in master classes on folk crafts, tasting and preparations of national dishes.

Festival "Christmas in Lutsk"


 Festival "Christmas in Lutsk" is held annually in January. The aim of the festival is the revival of Ukrainian spirituality, promotion of national Christmas traditions and customs; search for new Christmas songs with Volyn color; enriching the repertoire of creative groups and enhancing their performing skills.

The festival programme includes carols, shchedrivki, orthodox choral music of composers-classics, church Orthodox choral music, author's works on Christmas themes.