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European Integration

Lutsk received three of four European awards of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for local and regional authorities for the active promotion of the European ideal. In 2010 the city was rewarded with the European Diploma, in 2011 the national advisor and honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Viktor Raffi handed to our city the second significant award of CE – the Flag of Honour and in 2017 Lutsk got the third award – Plaque of Honour.

Each year Lutsk celebrates the Day of Europe for marking its aspiration towards European integration. Traditionally celebration takes place in May and is aimed at spreading knowledge about European values and increasing awareness of Lutsk citizens on the development of relations between Ukraine and European Union. The main square of the city fills with the atmosphere of peace, unity and turns into a small European heart beating in unison with the hearts of Lutsk inhabitants.

Traditionally activities dedicated to the Day of Europe include:
International competition "European Olympiad" – a competition of knowledge about the EU, in which pupils – the best experts of the European Union participate.
Body art "Paint Europe" – volunteers-body art masters drew traditional European symbols on the peoples’ hands or faces.
Photo exhibition "Lutsk – your little Europe".
"English-speaking club" under the open air.  

Volunteers’ distribution of the information and presentational materials about Europe. 

Higher education institutions international activities presentation.

Drawing on the asphalt "Lutsk seen by kids".