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A delegation from Poland has visited Lutsk City Council

A delegation from Poland has visited Lutsk City Council

On March 2, a delegation from the Polish city of Rzeszów visited Lutsk City Council. It was headed by Bartłomiej Richter, a representative of the Subcarpathian Regional Industry Council of the Future. The guests, including representatives of Polish business circles, economists, officials, and heads of Volyn NGOs, had a dialogue with Deputy Mayor Iryna Chebeliuk for more than an hour.

The parties discussed the existing challenges that local authorities have had to face during the Russian armed aggression. These included procurement moratoriums, grant programs and other related issues.

The way Lutsk lives during the war is a key question that all foreign delegations ask Iryna Chebelyuk. The guests are shocked that despite the air alarms and news from the front line, that is not always comforting, the city and the surrounding areas are developing and social tension in the community has been reduced to zero.

According to Boris Smal, Director of Economic Policy Department of Lutsk City Council, such indicators can be a good basis for the further development of the city in the investment and economic sphere. He suggested that the Poles discuss the possibility of opening an industrial park on the territory of Lutsk city territorial community, where certain logistics routes should converge.

A similar park operates in Rzeszów, so Ukrainians would be interested to learn about all the capabilities of such a facility. Boris Smal also asked his Polish colleagues whether they would like to become investors of this construction.

Subsequently, the delegations exchanged their experience in the activities of tourism and recreation enterprises. It is interesting that Lutsk and industrial Rzeszow are not strangers to each other. They have long-standing, friendly relations. They have been partner cities since November 20, 2001.

In order to make these mutually beneficial relations even more fruitful, the parties discussed the possibility of expanding export routes for local goods to the European (in particular, Polish) market. This mainly concerns the light and food industries. There is a possibility that today's meeting will initiate cooperation between the cities in the scientific and agricultural sectors.


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