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Lutsk and Würzburg have declared a verbal agreement on further cooperation

Lutsk and Würzburg have declared a verbal agreement on further cooperation

On February 25, Lutsk Deputy Mayor Iryna Chebelyuk has met with a German delegation headed by Mayor of Würzburg Christian Schuchardt. He was accompanied by volunteers, journalists and representatives of municipal marketing (Stadt Wuerzburg, Germany).

The parties discussed the difficult situation in Ukraine in light of the full-scale military invasion of our northern neighbor. It became known that the community of Wuerzburg was one of the first German cities to extend a helping hand to Ukraine. Batches of humanitarian aid (including food, medicine, clothing, and hygiene products) were formed and sent to Lutsk almost every day.

Then, with lists of needs, local volunteers delivered aid to the regions that had been occupied and bombed. Interestingly, along with Würzburg, another German city Schweifurth demonstrated its solidarity with Ukraine. Together, they provided goods worth hundreds of thousands of euros. This is evidenced by the registers that are transparent and accountable. In addition, Würzburg alone has sheltered more than 2,000 of our fellow citizens on its territory. The municipality helped people with housing, kindergartens and social benefits.

There was also considerable financial assistance from German partners. Last August, 100,000 euros were received by Municipal Utility Enterprise «Lutskvodokanal» from the city of Würzburg as a charitable contribution to improve the humanitarian situation in Lutsk Сity Territorial Community during the war. By agreement, this aid was used to pay for the arrangement of hot meals for internally displaced persons who fled russian terror and moved to Lutsk.

Demonstrating its continued support for our community, the German delegation discussed potential areas of cooperation between Lutsk and Würzburg. They will concern the economic sphere as well as the tourist, social, and communal areas. However, this will most likely happen after the Ukrainian victory. In addition, the regional platform initiated by Christian Schuchardt, that is designed to increase aid to Ukraine by the Western world, will also operate then.

At the end of the meeting, Iryna Chebelyuk thanked the guests for coming to Lutsk. She expressed admiration for their courage, because the visit of the delegation fell precisely on the anniversary of the full-scale russian invasion. Lutsk Deputy Mayor also conveyed greetings to the German partners from Ihor Polishchuk, who expressed his wish for further cooperation.


Department of informational work of Lutsk City Council