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Ihor Polishchuk Has Talked with the Mayor of Schweinfurt

Ihor Polishchuk Has Talked with the Mayor of Schweinfurt

Lutsk City Mayor Ihor Polishchuk has talked with the Mayor of the German city of Schweinfurt Sebastian Remele via video conferencing service. Bohdan Volchok, Head of the company «SKF Ukraine», has also joined the conversation, because cooperation between the cities was established with the help of this particular company to simplify the procedure for the transportation of humanitarian aid.

Sebastian Remele reported that on January 31, 2023, the decision of the session of the city of Schweinfurt approved the intention to establish official partnership relations with the city of Lutsk.

Ihor Polishchuk, in turn, welcomed the decision of the Schweinfurt municipality and once again thanked his German colleagues for the visit to Lutsk and the provision of humanitarian aid, which our community received even before the establishment of official partnership relations. The humanitarian relief included a fire truck, medical beds and various tactical items. «We greatly appreciate your support and help in such difficult times for our city and our country», he emphasized.

Sebastian Remele said that another collected humanitarian cargo, which will include hospital beds and generators, is already waiting to be sent to Lutsk. He invited Ihor Polishchuk together with the delegation of our city to visit Schweinfurt in order to sign official documents on partnership relations. The tentative date is July 16, as it is a public holiday in Schweinfurt. In this regard, Schweinfurt City Mayor wants the event to be solemn. However, any other date suits for the German side, as they understand that the war limits opportunities for making official foreign visits.

Ihor Polishchuk has thanked for the invitation and said that he will definitely visit Schweinfurt when there is an opportunity.


Department of informational work of Lutsk City Council