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Twin cities have congratulated Lutsk and Ukraine on Independence Day

Ukrainians have received congratulations on Independence Day from the Mayors of sister cities of Lutsk, who assured of their firm support for Ukraine. The Mayors of Torun (Republic of Poland), Chelm (Republic of Poland), Trakai (Republic of Lithuania) and Lublin (Republic of Poland) expressed their congratulations.

"I would like to express my support and respect towards you and all the residents of Lutsk on the occasion of Independence Day of Ukraine. For obvious reasons, this holiday is the most important in all parts of fighting Ukraine. At the same time, it also evokes great sympathy in the hearts of Torun residents, we retain our understanding and admiration for the desire to secure independence of free Ukraine, and therefore free Lutsk as well," writes Michal Zaleski, President of the partner city of Torun (Republic of Poland).


Jakub Banaszek, President of the city of Chelm (Republic of Poland), emphasises that the Polish people are always ready to lend a helping hand:

"We wish you safety, peace and hope for a better tomorrow, courage in planning the development of your beautiful city of Lutsk, as well as in implementation of plans and projects. Let the effort of managing the city translate into an improvement in the quality of your community. May our relationship continue to develop in a spirit of respect, partnership and mutual support. Please remember that you can always count on our help".


"Your nation has proved that the determination of its people to defend human rights and principles of freedom is stronger than any occupying troops," says Andrius Satevicius, Mayor of Trakai District Municipality (Republic of Lithuania).

In his video greetings, President of Lublin (Republic of Poland) Krzysztof Zuk expressed his admiration and respect for the Ukrainian people.


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