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In Lublin a large street show "# LUTSKO. The spirit of the city" was presented

In Lublin a large street show "# LUTSKO. The spirit of the city" was presented

On June 14-15, 2019 in the city of Lublin (Republic of Poland) the Festival of Legends took place. The festival was held within the framework of the implementation of the cross-border project "New life of the old city: revitalization of monuments of the historical and cultural heritage of Lutsk and Lublin", which is being implemented by the Executive Committee of the Lutsk City Council and the Lublin City Administration with the financial support of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014 -2020 ".

The festival is a traditional annual event for Lublin, however, due to the project, this year's event took place in a special format, for the first time it acquired a transboundary character.

Lutsk at the festival was represented by the "GaRmYdEr" theater, performing the premiere of street play "# LUTSKO. The spirit of the city". This fairy-mystical event covers all the key events in the history of Lutsk - from ancient times to the present, from the most tragic events to the most significant, from the period of decline to the period of prosperity. This performance was unusual, as not the text played a key role in it, but sound and visual effects, facial expressions, plasticity of the actors and the scenery. The final chord of the play was the song on the verses of the poetess Olga Olkhova, who is the author of the neologism "LUTSKO", performed by the actors. 

The development of the script and the performance itself became possible due to the implementation of the project "New life of the old city...", in the framework of which, besides the restoration works of historical monuments in Lutsk and Lublin, it is also planned to hold artistic, scientific and promotional events.